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Frozen Brasil 100% fruit

SignorSucco project by Gruppo Ge.Ne

The SignorSucco project was born from the love for nature, food and cultures in the world. particularly to spread and make accessible to everybody the different flavors that the earth can offer.

In this case we present something as simple as tropical fruit, everywhere available, smart and versatile, with the same organoleptic qualities. Our partnerships are selected: the best producers as guarantee of quality.

Some good reasons

  • Accessible tropical fruits, even the most delicate, real selected fresh fruit puree, original taste 100% NATURAL.
  • The freeze ensures the quality of the fruit upon harvest, keeping the fruit’s vitamins and taste unchanged at its ideal state. It is secure because it is pasteurized.
  • Personalized choice and many recipes.
  • Convenience and Smart, easy to prepare, no waste of fruit. It does not need the addition of ice while blending the frozen pulp. Long term shelf life: always fresh.


Ricaeli Ldta works the fruit in Brazil for nearly thirty years, establishing itself fully on Brazilian market, ensuring always the best quality.
The partnership between Ricaeli and gruppo Ge.Ne creates the project SignorSucco that looks to foreign markets in order to spread this valuable raw food: fruit 100%, pasteurized and frozen, available in different sizes.
Our offer is opened along with a range of many other products: IQF fruits, semi-finished fruit bases, not just for industry.

SignorSucco stocking continuously the range of Ricaeli in Italy, Treviolo (BG). This ensures a flow of continuity and flexibility in Italian and European markets.


SignorSucco represents other types of products from different brands selected worldwide. Between these: Guarana Syrup, IQF fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, almond milk and creams.

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