Selected fruit, maturated, pasteurized and frozen in Brazil

  • Açai

    Athletes love it

  • Acerola

    Used against cold and flu

  • Ananas

    Natural supplement

  • Ananas menta

    Combats infection and helps the gastrointestinal tract

  • Cacao

    It is very energizing and nutritious

  • Cocco / Cocco verde

    Regulates the body’s hydration

  • Cajà

    Strengthens the immune system

  • Caju

    Reduce the assimilation of fats

  • Cupuaçu

    Powerful and hydrating

  • Guava / Goiba

    Super nourishing vitamin mix

  • Graviola / Guanàbana

    Combats hypertension and stress

  • Lime


  • Mango

    Sophisticated and aromatic

  • Maracujà / Passion fruit

    Natural tranquilizer

  • Papaya

    Papaya helps digestion and regularize intestine

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